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CLWD Educational Bursary Application

CLWD Educational Bursary Application

Community Living Walkerton and District is an organization which endeavors to promote effective practices of inclusion for all individuals. An educational bursary of $1,000.00 will be made available to a full-time post secondary student who demonstrates commitment toward stronger and inclusive communities.

Eligible applicants will:

• Reside in Bruce County or Grey County in Ontario, Canada; it is understood that they may live elsewhere to attend school.

• Be accepted to study full-time at a recognized Canadian institution in a post secondary program.

• Submit to the selection committee a 500 word essay to demonstrate their personal and/or professional experiences and challenges in promoting inclusion for persons with disabilities.

• Include in the essay an indication of their commitment to being a builder of stronger communities and good citizenship.

Applications are due May 31, and are available by calling CLWD 519-881-3713 ext. 102


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    CLWD Family Scholarship Application

    CLWD Family Scholarship Application


    Established in 2007, recognizing that the Mission of Community Living Walkerton and District, “that all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community, and have the opportunity to participate effectively”, can be achieved with the participation of responsive and committed staff members, 

    And believing that assistance for families of employees can contribute positively to the recruitment and retention ofthe best possible staff, 

    And with the intention to encourage young citizens to pursue their educational goals. 


    CLWD will maintain a scholarship program for children and grandchildren of eligible staff. The amount of the scholarship is $1000.00, three scholarships awarded annually, for post secondary education in any field.  

    • Should the scholarship fund have three or fewer applicants in a given year who meet the criteria outlined below, each applicant will receive $1000.00.  
    • Funds will not be carried forward to use in a subsequent year; three Family Scholarships will be available each year.
    • The term ‘(grand)children’ is meant to include direct offspring, step children, children legally adopted or those for whom the employee is guardian.   
    • An applicant to the Family Scholarship Fund may also apply for the CLWD  Educational Bursary; it will be at the discretion of the selection committee for the Family Scholarship if an applicant would be given both awards.

    To qualify, both employee and child would satisfy certain criteria: 

    • The student must be enrolled on a full-time basis in an accredited two-year to four-year undergraduate college or university. 
    • Potential recipients must complete and submit the formal application.  
    • With subsequent formal applications, students may be awarded this scholarship twice, for a limit of two academic school years.
    • The student must be a child or grandchild of a current employee of CLWD who has achieved a minimum of two years of service at the time the award is given, and who has passed their probation period.      
    1. PROCESS
      • Applications for scholarship will be made available from the office of CLWD and must be returned to CLWD by July 31 of each year.
      • The recipient will be notified within 4 – 6 weeks following the above due date.
      • A selection committee will be assembled annually, comprised of 3 people, a combination of representatives from the Board of Directors of CLWD and from the CLWD Continuing Education Committee.  Members from the CEC who serve on the scholarship selection committee must declare a conflict of interest if their child/grandchild is an applicant.  
    2. Criteria for selection will be based on a combination of information submitted as part of a brief application form….academic record, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, reflection of commitment to practices of inclusion.  Applicants will compose an essay that describes their goals and aspirations. 
    • Applications received by CLWD will be copied once; the original will be kept on file and the copy will be used for the purpose of blanking out any identifying information.  The copy will be used by the selection committee.
    • Applicants will name the post secondary institution they will attend and provide a copy of an official letter of acceptance.

    Direction for funds will be given after the selection process, from operational funds identified for this purpose, with a cheque written to the recipient.  Every effort will be made to present the funds directly, offering congratulations from CLWD and recording the presentation with a photo that can be published in our Vision newsletter and in the local newspaper. 

      If you wish, letters of reference will be accepted (personal and educational).

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