Our Misson

The Mission of Community Living Walkerton and District is to nurture inclusion: supporting children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families, promoting their full participation as valued and contributing citizens.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all people are welcomed, accepted and included.

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Core Values

01. Trust

Being reliable and instilling confidence in other people.

02. Respect

Treating all people respectfully and recognizing that each person’s contribution is valuable.

03. Honesty

The sincerity and truthfulness of our words and actions.

04. Empathy

Recognizing, communicating and understanding of another person’s vulnerability and the need for patience, tolerance, compassion and acceptance.

Service Values

  • Dignity and Positivity – Treating everyone respectfully and enhancing a positive image and value for all people.
  • Inclusion – Fostering the community’s capacity to welcome, include and accommodate all people in its social, economic, spiritual and recreational life.  To develop, encourage and support people’s preferences and interests within their neighbourhood and community.
  • Person Centred – Recognizing the diversity of people by providing support based on their unique and changing needs, interests and preferences.
  • Learning and Growth – Identifying and developing the skills, abilities, competencies and talents of each person, continually.
  • Self-Determination – Providing information and options to enable people to make meaningful choices, to exercise their rights and to pursue their interests.
  • Meaningful Relationships – Welcoming and facilitating the involvement of a growing number of family members, friends, and relevant others in the lives of people.
  • Safety and Security – Ensuring the vulnerability of people is understood and safeguarded.

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