We are committed to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the workforce and community, regardless of ability.

The Alliance employABILITY Program is a unique initiative designed to empower individuals with diverse abilities to thrive in the workplace and beyond. We believe in the strength of diversity and inclusion, and our program reflects our dedication to fostering an employment landscape valuing the unique skills and talents of every individual.

As of April 1st 2023, Alliance employABILITY is funded by the Ministry of Labour. 
Being part of Employment Ontario means we can provide services to many more people who experience any kind of barrier to finding and securing employment.

How to engage with Alliance employABILITY

Engaging with Alliance employABILITY is a step toward building your career and achieving your employment goals:

1. Contact Us:

Reach out to our team to express interest or inquire about how Alliance employABILITY can benefit you. There is no fee for our services.

2. Needs Assessment

Work with our professionals to conduct a needs assessment to understand where you are on your job journey.

3. Tailored Employment Solutions

Collaborate with Alliance employABILITY to create your unique customized employment plan aligning with your individual skills and diverse abilities.

4. Ongoing Support and Evaluation

Benefit from continuous support, including workshops, evaluation, and adjustment to ensure the success and satisfaction for both employer and employee now and in the future.

Key Features of Alliance employABILITY

  • Alliance employABILITY takes a personalized approach to employment solutions, recognizing the individual strengths, skills, and aspirations of each person.
  • Our program collaborates with employers to create customized opportunities aligning with both the participant’s goals and the employers’ needs. Every individual is unique and so is their job journey, we help celebrate this uniqueness.
  • We empower participants with the skills and confidence needed for success in the workplace.
  • Our program offers training workshops covering a range of important professional and on-the-job skills, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the demands of their chosen field.
  • You will benefit from the support of dedicated job coaches who work closely with participants and employers to facilitate a smooth integration into the workforce.
  • Our job coaches provide ongoing support, guidance, and advocacy to ensure a positive and inclusive work experience. Our job doesn’t stop when you get a job. We’re your partner in continued success.
  • Forge partnerships with forward-thinking employers committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Alliance employABILITY collaborates with a network of employers who recognize the value of a diverse workforce and are eager to create opportunities for individuals of all abilities.
  • We advocate for and create awareness about the benefits of inclusive workplaces.
  • Our program is not just about finding jobs; it’s about fostering a culture of inclusion where individuals can thrive, contribute, and be valued for their unique contributions.

Transforming workplaces, transforming lives!

Alliance employABILITY is not just a program; it’s a transformative force in the world of employment. Join us in creating workplaces that embrace diversity, celebrate abilities, and empower individuals to thrive in their chosen careers. Your future is waiting for you and we are here to help.  Reach out to our Employment team today!

CONTACT US: AEA@trialliance.ca

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