Community Participation Supports

To the extent that is desired, each person receives support as they participate in the various aspects of community life.

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Community Living Supports

Everyone needs others in their life.  Support for daily living is arranged as adults participate as full and welcomed citizens in their communities.

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Infant and Child Development Services

Family centred early intervention service available to infants and young children at risk for delay.

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Family Support Services

Support for those with a family member living at home who has been diagnosed with a developmental disability.

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Latest News

paramendic and 2 nurses
May 5, 2021

What an extremely challenging year we have had, and while the challenges keep coming, we feel more hopeful knowing that many of the people within our organization have received their first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.  

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People of all ages with intellectual disabilities are supported to lead healthy and fulfilling lives in their communities.

We envision a community where all people are welcomed, accepted and included.

Our association was established in 1956 by parents and community friends who had a vision.

Demonstrate your support of inclusion, citizenship, belonging and opportunities for all people!

Inspire Others. Be Inspired.

Each of us can make a difference when we know we count.

Friends chatting on a bench