Local self-advocates successful in election for Council of Community Living Ontario

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Congratulations are in order for Crystal Wales and Jessica Forsyth. These women are both elected members of Council of Community Living Ontario for 2-year terms, elected in September 2020.

Crystal has experience on Council; Jess is a new member. Below, wording from their election speeches outlines some of their interests for Council work.


Crystal explained in her speech: 

Covid 19 has created many difficulties for a lot of people. I sat in on many Zoom meetings brain storming on ways to make things easier for people to deal with the many changes such as not being able to go to work, not being with family and friends.








Jess explained in her speech:

I think we all have to work harder to make it easier for all of us: Easier for people with physical disabilities to get into buildings, Easier to understand things like on the ODSP papers, so have things more in plain language, Easier for people to learn the internet, use a tablet or phone or laptop.