Walkerton Action Committee

Who is the Walkerton Action Committee?

This is a self-advocacy group of citizens with intellectual disabilities. Members work together and independently to increase awareness about what it means to live with a disability.  We want to assist each other to become full participating citizens…how we keep doing that well is the content of our meetings. 

How does our committee work?

About 20 members meet each month on the first Monday of each month in the library, and decide on things they are interested to do together. This includes paying attention to:

  • accessibility in Brockton,
  • helping in Brockton (for example on Family Day serving hot drinks, as Buskers volunteers, serving on the Olympic Torch committee, some fundraising)
  • closure of institutions, Doctor Assisted Death, Poverty/Basic Income
  • things the Ontario or Canadian government says or does that affects people with intellectual disabilities,
  • welcoming people to and organizing events that are important for friends and families (RDSP workshop, Internet Safety Workshop, CLWD Christmas party, Speaking Out Conferences and Retreats)

New members are always welcome, and membership is free! Need more information?  Contact 519 881 3713 ext. 118 or email craig_harrison_110@hotmail.com. You can also find more information on the Walkteron Action Committee's Facebook page.


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